Field Pieterse for Ward 12

Why I am Running:

After listening to my customers express frustration over petty theft and vandalism and being part of this community with my business, I made the decision to run to be Ward 12’s next City Councillor.

I believe my business background provides me the skills to work with our City’s budgets and make informed decisions on how to direct tax payers’ hard earned dollars.

My law enforcement background qualifies me to help work with the community to create programs to keep our neighbourhoods safe and healthy. The City’s biggest expenditure is police and my experience can help determine how to best maximize this expenditure and keep our neighbourhoods safe.

Owning my own business and working in management, listening to the public’s concerns is a vital part of my daily role. I feel proud knowing it was my customers who encouraged me to pursue this dream to be part of City government because they know I fundamentally care and take the time to listen to their concerns and be part of the solution.

On February 22, 2016vote Field Pieterse to be your next City Councillor and your voice in City Hall.

“I’m ready to represent our growing community in City Hall and make sure Ward 12 continues to be a great place to raise a family”

— Field Pieterse

“As Edmonton grows, Ward 12 is seeing huge growth in our population. We need City Hall’s partnership and support to ensure our part of the city continues to be a great place to raise families.” –Field Pieterse

  • Safe Communities Equal Healthy Communities

    Safety is vital to our everyday wellbeing. It is a basic human right. Safe communities includes making sure we have sand on the road for those icy days, trustworthy equipment for our kids at the playground, and the police resourced to keep our neighbourhoods safe. By creating safe communities we create healthy communities for our families to live and thrive. My platform centers on advocating for Ward 12 to be a safe, healthy community.

  • Transparency

    City Councilors need to be accountable for every tax dollar spent. The City has done a great job being transparent with its Open Data portal but we can do more. We need to ensure we translate this data into tangible information and action plans for all citizens.

  • Crime

    As a former member of law enforcement, I firmly believe we need to tackle the increasing crime in South West Edmonton. Our family-friendly community should not be a target for criminals. Invigorating Neighbourhood Watch programs and educating members in our community on how we can help each other are a big part of the solution however, with the rapid growth in Ward 12 a satellite Police station will be required, with the intention of eventually building a permanent station.

  • School Zoning

    We need to do better for our kids. We shouldn’t be shipping kids around the City when our community has schools. Enhancing how we are working with the Government of Alberta and Edmonton’s School Boards to ensure we are planning for our growing families will be top priority for me.

  • LRT Connecting Community

    The City has taken big steps forward in planning the construction for the new Valley Line LRT expansion, connecting Ward 12 to the city core and beyond. The Valley Line will create a safe, affordable, green mode of transportation for our community. I plan to work with the City and the community to give Ward 12 a strong voice in City Hall as I believe it is important to keep the dialogue open and communicate timelines and the impact the Valley Line will have in our community.

  • Ward 12 Family Focused

    Providing our families with opportunities to engage with one another in Ward 12 fosters a stronger sense of community. Green space and recreational activities for our families promote healthy lifestyles, and festivals allow us to celebrate one another and the rich diversity we have in our community. Let’s work together to make Ward 12 known as a friendly, caring community where all residents have a sense of belonging.

Ward 12 Neighbourhoods

Ward 12 is on Edmonton’s most south eastern edge, surrounding the Anthony Henday. It includes the following neighbourhoods (Listed roughly from north to south):

  • Jackson Heights
  • Kiniski Gardens
  • Larkspur
  • Tamarack
  • Maple
  • Minchau
  • Wild Rose
  • Silver Berry
  • Weinlos
  • Bisset
  • Pollard Meadows
  • Daly Grove
  • Laurel
  • Meadows
  • Crawford Plains
  • Ellerslie Industrial
  • Ellerslie
  • Charlesworth
  • Rural South East
  • Summerside
  • Walker
  • The Orchards at Ellerslie

When to Vote

The Municipal By-Election is expected to be called for February 22, 2016.

Map of Edmonton’s Ward 12